Lunki™ is a sustainable street wear brand founded in Helsinki, Finland. Through our passion for photography and graphic design we are creating creative looks for streets. Lunki is a Finnish word that means something like a chill, cool, easy-going, relaxed. We think that should describe our lives. People live in such hurry that they barely see their love ones. It is good to slow down now and then. Support fashion that is sustainable and remember to recycle old clothes.


We love life and the beauty of the creation. It is no news that the clothing industry is one of the largest polluter in the world. Our planet is effected negatively if we keep polluting like this. Also, farmers and people who work in cotton factories are affected negatively. It can not be like this. This is the reason why we want our clothes to be organic and made ethically.


To make sure we leave only a small environmental footprint we are using 100% organic cotton. Our cotton is traceable so you know where It comes from. Also clothes are made ethically so you know that who ever made your clothes have a good job! Let's make the earth a better place to live by wearing sustainable fashion.

About Lunki

We are based in Helsinki, Finland. You can contact us by email or trough social media!




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